Michael Vollbrecht posted a status
May 18
Hello Collin, there are basically 2 things to master here - first putting the frets right, then tune. With the help of an app like Airywave you can first tune the open strings with your preferred sixth comma preset. Then you can move the frets with the same app using the 1th and 6th course (use only the octave string for the latter, the ear is more sensitive for higher frequencies): this doesn't result in parrallel frets most of the time by the way. As for an alternative, you can use Dowland's or Gerle's directions with the help of Beier's string and fret calculator.

Then, you can make adjustments for certain chords or intervals, depending on the piece you will be playing - Übung macht den Meister!

Hope this will get you started.

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  • thanks so much Michael for your advice ..this will give me a method to follow each time


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