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Soprano lute by Ivo Magherini for sale

Soprano lute in C / D by Ivo Magherini

copy from Wendelio Venere c.1580 (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, C1580#39)

Built in Rome by Ivo Magherini in 1994


A very good instrument for lute consort, very easy to play. The fingerboard is very comfortable in spite of the short string lenght; tha action at the neck joint is mm 3,5. The sound is bright and powerful.

The body is made of nine yew ribs.

The instrument is in perfect conditions.


The instrument comes with a light but solid case by Riboni.

You can listen to the sound here:

Price: € 2600


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Hi all,

I sell a baroque lute, with triple pegbox. it's new branded, Im the luthier.

70-86-100cm length 

Belly of italian alpine spruce, shell in austrian maple.

Pegs of boxwood ebonized.

The instrument is in Madrid, Spain.

Body after edlinger, pegbox in Jauck triple style.

3000€ without case and without shipping.


I can order a case if interested.




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Theorbo Wanted

Hi, everyone!

I'm looking to buy a theorbo, preferably one of the smaller French theorbos for the solo repertory (70/120), and preferably from a US or Canadian seller.  But, I'm still interested to hear about anything, so if you have something you're looking to sell, let me know.  Buyer is located in Austin, TX, USA.



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6 course bass lute for sale

Good morning,


I sell my beautiful "Frei" 6 course bass lute made by David van Edwards in 1999.

String length 79cm. Price 4500 euros.

I am ready to change it for a 10 or 11 course lute of same quality.

Photos on request


Luth basse à 6 chœurs,  d’après Frei, diapason 79cm

David van Edwards, 1999, étui Kingham, 4500 euros

Je suis prêt à un échange pour un luth à 10 ou 11 rangs de qualité équivalente.

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I am selling my ten course lute by Grant Tomlinson to make room in my closet, and my budget, for some new instruments. It is a marvelous instrument and I only part with it because my repertoire focus has changed. Currently strung in veil ton at a=415, but works just as well at 392 or in accords nouveaux.

Grant built it in 2009. The photos and description on his website (bottom of his "ten course" page) are of my exact lute. The only correction is, he managed to get a 10th tied fret on the neck, which is very handy for its customary repertoire.

Price is USD $8,200. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. The instrument is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

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Dear friends, I sell a fantastic and precious six-course concert lute made by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris. It is a luxury instrument, extremly beautiful, and that sounds great. Features:

- 11 ribs in a very highly-figured, hard “quilted” maple, extremely ornamental (it has an impressive three-dimensional effect on the ribs): the 11 ribs were sawn in sequence from a  ingle plank, and were finished with oil-based amber varnish.
- Fingerboard: figured satinwood, edged with bone.
- Soundboard: Haselfichte "bearclaw" spruce, very ornamental, and of the highest quality.
- Neck and pegbox: pear.
- Pegs: heart-shaped pegs made in pernambuco.
- String length: 54 cm.

Reason for sale: I am mainly a violagambista and cellist. I bought the lute to play a duo with my brother, but I don't have time to study lute, and it is a wonderful instrumentthat deserves to be played.

It has a very clear, rounded, full sound; Projects great, with a very special and precious sound and presence. It´s a lute that makes every single note clear, making it ideal for playing polyphony, but it´s very easy and convenient to play too, so it´s also an instrument that can easily be played at high speed. It´s ideal both for playing solo repertoire (super comfortable for string length and for its response, that it´s excellent), as in consort of lutes and broken consort… Particularly well-suited to the more demanding renaissance repertoire (where some of the left-hand stretches can be quite difficult). It´s stringed with nygut and gut.

The lute is almost brand new. I have taken care of it with great care, as you can see it in the photos. It has a Kingham case.

Located in Soria, Spain.

Contact by p. m. for more information, photos, price and payment conditions.








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