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Nathanael Diesel (1692-1745) All af his baroque guitar duets are available from;
Friedemann commented on Diego Cantalupi's blog post Baroque guitar by Carlo Cecconi
"Dear Diego Cantalupi,
I am interested in one of your guitars. Where are they located? Is it possible to try playing on them somewhere?
How expensive would be shipping to Germany?
My e-mail contact: friedemannrichter@gmx.de
kind regards
Oct 17
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After so many years, here I am, back to the Lute group! It looks it's time I update my profile picture... ;-)
Oct 16
Luca liked Jörg Hilbert's blog post Swan neck after Edlinger (as 13c or italian theorbo)
Oct 16
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Oct 16
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13-course swan neck Baroque lute by Martin Haycock, after Venere. String lengths: 68 / 91 cm. 13 ribs birds eye maple back, ebony veneered neck and extension, 10 tied + 4 body frets. Practically brand new (completed in January 2020), already played…
Oct 16
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Oct 16
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Oct 15
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Baroque guitar by Gabriel Aguilera Built in 2019 and never used.Diapason: 68 cm.Very easy to play With soft case: € 2100 
Oct 12

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  • https://lute-academy.be/en/agenda-2/
    Belgian Lute Day 0ctober 11, 2020 in Brussels
    more information https://lute-academy.be/fr/agenda/ in french or dutch https://lute-academy.be/agenda-nl/
    An overview of upcoming concerts, events, meeting days. To get your event in our agenda, send all necessary information to webmaster@lute-academy.be…
  • Eric, I think the reason is that you posted blog posts, which were a thing on the 2.0 site but which I haven't included on this site because they were so underutilized. Your event posts appear normally. If more people want the option to have a blog page here I could add one
  • Recent posts of mine seem incomplete, including links within. When I click for "more" I land in a page that says "Our apologies – this page was not found"
  • They fixed the video issue for youtube videos posted before 2014 but issue still exists for the older vimeo videos
  • Seems like videos posted before 2014 are not showing up properly. Their embed codes are correct. I've reported it to the Ning migration team
  • Thanks for your super speedy response. I do not know what happened. I restarted the webpage and know everything works for me as you describe. My mistake: I started with the most popular videos ;-)
  • The video links work fine for me. One click to take you to the actual video page and a second click to start playing. For some reason the "most popular videos" on the bottom don't take you to a video. I'll work on that
  • For me as well. Only the video section appears to need some extra work. I can see the comments but there is now way to 'click' the videos. I guess the YouTube links have not been added???
  • It works for me :)
  • Welcome to the new and improved Lutegroup!
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